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Boyshorts Article

Many fashion conscious ladies also fail to identify the concept of boyshorts. This is because over the years despite many thoughts and ideas pouring in favour of this piece of inner garment, only a few brands have successfully executed designs that help women combat the concept of G-strings. As the name suggests, boyshorts is designed keeping masculine attributes in mind.

The shape, make, and design of this variant is a close twin of the boxer short… that’s why the name boyshorts. However, with time, internationally this panty variant has become more and more traditionally feminine. Style has evolved and women’s need for wearing something unique that contours their body better, has given way many new facets and designs for boyshorts. Today there are umpteen variations of the boyshorts are available in the market, even within our domestic lingerie and underwear domain.

What’s up for boyshorts?

Many women have mentioned that they love to sleep wearing boyshorts. This is because they love the ‘shorts’ like underwear feel of this garment. It is just the right length to make you comfortable the same way you feel when wearing panties, yet extends longer on the leg and offer full back coverage. Women, who want to differentiate themselves from the thong, tanga, Brazilian, or bikini cut wearing females, prefer boyshorts. Because studies have shown that this group of women look for extra side and leg coverage.

However, the long and short of boyshorts makes for another interesting story. The longer length suits the fancy of women who love the traditional version of this kind of underwear. On the other hand, women preferring to add more sporty or athletic style to their underwear choose shorter length boyshorts.

They may look for attributes like a button fly, thick elastic waistband, or reinforced seams and leg openings when choosing their style. “Indians have become more open to the concept of boyshorts over the years. Moreover, over the last five years the market for boyshorts has grown remarkably due to the comfort factor that this underwear variant promises and also owning to the increasing demand for one piece, in women,” explained Monal Vora of Red Rose.

Market for boyshorts

Owing to the comfort factor, since inception, the boyshort has undergone many style upgrades and variations all across the globe. Apart from the traditional style, varying options basis a lost of coverage and design parameters are also available in the market today. Two of the most popular boyshorts designs in the world are the ‘cheeky boyshorts’ and ‘bootyshorts’. In both these styles the coverage is more as compared to the bikini, but it is less as compared to the traditional boyshorts. So, these are just right for those planning to experiment a little with their boyshorts.

“The fame and glory of boyshorts in India or the world is all because of the comfort factor it promises. 100 per cent comfort coupled with traditional styles, brings these panties closer to the consumer. Right now, most of the brands offer boyshorts in solid colours. But we can hope that in the near future, we will see more printed options with different styling and trims,” mentions Monal.

Talking on almost similar lines, Dhiren Rathod of Envie lingerie explains, “Boyshorts are on the pathway of new innovation or progress and in the coming years it may end up becoming a nightwear or lounge wear. It can just become a wardrobe staple for women who want to be their comfortable best at home or when lounging during a vacation. So, this pair of intimates does have a lot of promise and is slowly attaining mainstream demand.”

The comfort factor in boyshorts

Elderly women and women with a heavier pelvic do not like panties sticking to their skin, that’s why they prefer to wear boyshorts offering full coverage. “Added to this is comfort, comfort, and more comfort. We are experimenting with different fabrics and styles from comfort perspective, as boyshorts have to be very very comfortable,” Dhiren further adds.

Mahesh Narvekar of C9 decodes that, “not only the older generation, but boyshorts have also grabbed attention of the new generation.

Style and comfort both go hand-in-hand when it comes to designing boyshorts and our masterpiece in the form of chafe free boyshorts with seamless technology gives ultimate comfort and performance. This is indeed a favourite in the market, irrespective of the age group.”

Keeping the expert opinions and the market prospects in mind, here’s an insight into the anatomy of boyshorts based on its pros and cons.

Pros of boyshorts

• It offers enhanced side coverage promoting comfort and modesty for the hip area.

• It uses more fabric, that’s why the styling and other features like print, colour, and seam, all look tidier.

• It has a wider make, which allows you to be comfortable at all hours without suffering any dig or discomfort.

Things to remember when shopping for boyshorts

• In case of a misfit, the wider portion of the panty can dig into the top of your thigh, causing a bulge or discomfort.

• In case you wear a size bigger or smaller, with each body movement your shorts can rise up.

• The back coverage can also rise up with movement, if you are not wearing the right style or a befitting brand.

• Opt for seamless, otherwise your panty lines can be visible in case of boisterous boyshorts.

•Also, avoid wearing boyshorts in case you are wearing a skin tight upper garment like a pant or trouser. These panties are in itself a lot of fabric, so adding bulk on it via your other garments will add to your discomfort.

•Ideally, shop for boyshorts keeping comfort clothes for home or for lounging in mind.





Available in both short and long leg options, boyshorts by Jockey breathe colour, designs, and superb fit. From soothing colours like teal, ruby, peach to vibrant designs and wider bands, you can choose a panty to your fitting as per your preference. Two of the most prominent makes in the boyshorts category are Cotton Elastane stretch fabric make one colour boyshorts, which provides superior comfort and stretch. These boast of modern low rise styling and offer modest leg coverage. On the other hand, the other style is made of soft, lightweight cotton stretch fabric that is known to give you a light-as-air feel. The satin touch elastic waistband feels like silk against your skin and this variant is available in trendy prints. This variant also fits low on the waist and offers trendy coverage on the sides and back.



The boyshorts by this brand gently hug your curves and flaunt a no-pinch waistband that is known to move-with-you for all-day comfort. Perfect for outfits where you may need some added coverage, like sheer skirts or flared dresses, the boyshorts by this international brand are just what you need to look and feel your confident best. Made from 100 per cent cotton, these panties also contain a two-layer liner for enhanced comfort, offer full coverage to the backs and sides, boast of itch-free comfort, and have a backbone of cool comfort wicking fabric.



Look good and stay comfortable in these boyshorts from Bodycare. Seductively soft and luxurious against the skin, these panties are made from cotton spandex. Thanks to its make you can stay at ease all day long. Apart from full coverage, these panties have a seamed make and flaunt an elasticated waistband. This further enhances your comfort factor.


Red Rose

Made of pure cotton, Red Rose boyshorts come in both individual as well as in 3’s pack. These panties fit like a dream offering maximum coverage and style. They have thicker sides that offer full coverage to your rear and wider bands that sit well on the sides or waist. From the traditional lengthy shorts to the more stylish polka printed shorter version, you can select what you want from Red Rose’s boyshorts range. Whatever your pick, comfort will never leave your side.



This brand designs boyshorts keeping every day full comfort in mind. The Super Combed Cotton fabric make for the collection adds more oomph to the panties. Modern fit, sits just below the waist. Added front and back coverage and high quality stitching makes these products impeccable. Quality is a big factor in clothing performance, a major benefit of Envie product is exceptional quality. They design using high-quality fabric to enhance the overall performance of your panties.



Available in a 2-piece panty pack or individually, the printed boyshorts by Amante offer a perfect combination of modest coverage and cotton comfort. Elastic-free around the legs and with a supportive logo waistband, this silhouette will keep you comfortable and supported throughout the day. This style can be paired with low-rise bottoms and is perfect for daily use. You can wear them with your shorts or trousers without feeling a hitch. Go cycling or trekking wearing these panties and never feel a clinch on your skin.


C 9

They have two styles including basic and mid fashion in duo packing. You can choose from a variety of colours and designs as per your choice from the available range. Made out of ultra-soft elasticated fabric, these boyshorts are high on the fit quotient and is meant to keep you at ease all day long. It dries sweat faster and has a backbone of breathable fabric. It has four way streachability and is Anti-Microbial, boasts of Anti-Odour Finish and Anti-Chafing too. The comfortable waistband is additional and makes these panties a stylish addition to your innerwear collection. You can laze about all day in them, thanks to its soft polyamide fabric.

Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the loom

The stellar features that make boyshorts from this brand exceptionally closer to the consumer are Intellifresh technology, advance odour control, and intelligent freshness. These panties are made of combed cotton having a backbone of elastane fabric, which gives extra stretch and a smooth fit to every wearer. Apart from this, you get full coverage and every style boasts of tapered legs, which doesn’t ride up even when you are cycling or exercising. The fabric concealed waistband is soothing to the skin and frees you from pinches and rashes. So, be on the move with ease and confidence wearing the Fruit of the Loom Flex collection.

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