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July 27, 2022 written by
Bitz Sports Bra


Bitz Sports Bra

It’s awful to have to suffer through a workout just because you’re wearing an improper sports bra.
Having a good sports bra can help improve your running performance.

The motion of running causes your breasts to move in a figure-eight shape, sometimes up and down as much as eight inches. This can put a strain on your Cooper’s ligaments, which help support your breasts. Without the right support, you may experience soreness and damage over time.

What are the best sports bras for women?
There are three types of sports bras: low-impact, medium-impact, and high-impact. The type of bra you need depends on your cup size and the type of exercise you do. When you’re exercising, you need to use abra that provides the right level of support

Adidas sports bra

Back of a muscular woman. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Back of a muscular woman. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Not all bras are created equal when it comes to providing this level of comfort. A good sports bra is essential for ensuring a comfortable and safe experience while participating in sports. If you’re going to be working out intensely, you’ll want a sports bra with moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry. But it’s also important to consider your cup size and the intensity of the workout you plan to do.

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