Wacoal and Luli Fama bag the MarediModa Creative Excellence Award

January 14, 2023 written by

Two foremost brands in beachwear and innerwear, Wacoal and Luli Fama received the MarediModa Creative Excellence Award this year.

This will be MarediModa’s trade show’s 20th edition that is dedicated to innerwear, beachwear and athleisure accessories and fabrics.

The show was held in Cannes at the Palais Des Festivals, November 8-10 this year.

This award is the credit given, which the Cannes show attributes to those global labels, which have built and consolidated an image and a history of being par excellence, as well as shining examples of innovativeness, knowledge and product ethics.

Wacoal, the international brand, was launched in 1949 and focusses on lingerie, shapewear and beachwear. It reaches out to all women across the globe, with its contemporary and distinctive style through Wacoal, Elomi, Fantasie, Freya, and Goddess.
While Luli Fama is vibrant and energetic, drawing inspiration from the colours and the vibe of Miami and focusses on the fabrics is uses and accessories.

Claudio Taiana, President of MarediModa said, “This year we are celebrating two brands of unquestioned success, two special guests who are used to it.

Wacoal and Luli Fama, with their identity, represent the universal excellence of a well-made product. They represent absolute benchmarks with a unique tradition.”

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