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What a feeling it is as I am on my laptop, punching in the edit after a long time.

It’s a feeling that can’t be expressed in words. If I could find an expression: It is like Dhoni going to bat after two years of hiatus after Chennai Kings were suspended from IPL. Or a Tiger going for his kill after several years of inaction may be due to some injury…..

Once an editor always an editor. When words dance to your tunes on the keyboard and find expression, you know you are back in business.

The last two years have been harsh on us and we know has been equally harsh on you our readers. I have been asked often why didn’t we publish during the pandemic period. Well, the answer is we are not a daily newspaper or a political rag, we are a responsible effective B2B magazine that has revolutionized the institution of lingerie in this country. So it was our responsibility to see the well-being of our industry and that it stood on its feet and found its footing again after the pandemic.

Moreover, there wasn’t much happening during the three waves of pandemics when most of the major markets were under lockdown.

In April 2022 we took a decision to be back among our people and within 3 months we produced the first issue.

A lot has changed in the two years and mostly in the field of Publishing, people are now more online where they get their primary source of news and information by way of alerts on their mobiles.

So we decided to go where the action is. For the time being, we have taken a decision to go entirely digital 100%.

For us, we feel that Publishing is a redundant industry with hardly any innovations in the last decade or so. At the same time, it’s a heavy polluter industry with the use of dyes and chemicals which are cancer-causing and utmost dangerous to human life.

Secondly, for every magazine, you hold we have to cut down 4 trees to manufacture paper which is a water-intensive industry. So it is a heavy carbon burner that harms the environment in no uncertain terms.

We are building up forceful content that will make readers stop and read on their mobiles, laptop, or wherever they deem fit. Moreover, this is the first Live Magazine to be published in India. We have experimented with a lot of new content and layouts to bring you a fresh, younger-looking magazine.

How do you like the inaugural issue of this magazine? Do send us your feedback. Top-rated feedback will be highlighted and will get a free goody bag from us.



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