LYCRA® FUSION™ TRUE TO YOU, a new technology for a unique garment

May 24, 2019 written by

Ultra-sheer hosiery is quite popular today, which gives a natural appearance to the legs. However, consumers do not wish to forgo garment strength and durability for this and want transparent hosiery, which halts runs and ladders in their tracks and helps in augmenting the garment’s life.

So, to create ultra-sheer, run-resistant hosiery with natural-looking shine, there’s a new product extension…LYCRA® FUSION™ TRUE TO YOU technology. Legs appear better than bare, which minimises imperfections and also make them look and feel stunning, with hosiery crafted out of this technology. A patent pending 3D construction method is used to attain this. This method alternates knitted courses of covered LYCRA® FUSION™ fibre with courses of bare LYCRA® FUSION™ fibre, which is plated with polyamide. Hence, what you get is a unique garment offering several desirable benefits to the value chain.

Mills can benefit from this as no special equipment is needed and it can be produced on a normal hosiery machine. They can enter the ACPH market with an ECPH product with this new knitting construction. Mills can reduce production costs due to the ability to use bare knitted LYCRA® FUSION™ fibre. And, differentiated benefits to drive sales down the value chain are offered by patent pending innovation.

Retailers and brands, on the other hand can benefit from this new garment as they can offer hosiery styles with natural shine, thus filling the need gap for women across the world. Besides, there’s more true-to-life appearance as it offers improved table layout in store and aspect and brightness design possibilities in ladder/run-resistant hosiery is opened up due to this technology. Brands and retailers, by creating comfortable, stylish garments that are in demand, can increase consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty as well as reduce returns. And, there is differentiated consumer benefits to drive sales because of patent pending innovation.

Consumers too get innumerable benefits through this garments as the natural shine offers better than bare leg appearance, extended wear life and run/ladder-resistance for durability, and free movement due to three-dimensional fit and shape retention. Also, any outfit is completed with glossy, ultra-sheer hosiery this new technology even eliminates the matte appearance found in typical hosiery construction. Finally, there’s a more true-to-life appearance as it offers an improved table layout in store.

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