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Sexy White Panties by shreddies

As an innovation exclusive we spoke to Rebecca Jones, PR and Marketing, Shreddies and tried to understand what goes behind and what is ahead of this path breaking innovation ‘anti faltulence‘. Here is an excerpt of what she had to say regarding brand Shreddies and their anti flatulence underwear range.


Tell us a little about the background of the brand.

Shreddies were invented by Paul O’Leary the Director of Shreddies Ltd, he was on a skiing holiday with a fashion designer friend when they found themselves talking about the issue. Paul asked his friend whether there was a fabric that would be able to stop the smell and his friend didn’t know at the time but when he returned to the UK he discovered the carbon. They sewed a panel into Pauls underwear and it worked – not perfectly at first but it did work! Then 200 prototypes later a whole lot of scientific testing the Shreddies brand was born in 2008.

Is this a patented brand? If so, then tell us a little about the technological aspect of the brand a little in depth.

Yes, Shreddies does hold a worldwide patent. The carbon panel that is sewn into all of our garments and has been scientifically tested to filter flatulence up to 200x the average! When the flatulence passes through the panel it is trapped and neutralised within the cloth which is then reactivated when washed.

Where all do you retail the products?

Our products are available on our website ( and we also have multiple distributors across the world!

What are the different categories of anti flatulence wear under the brand umbrella of Shreddies?

We offer flatulence filtering underwear in 4 styles – Ladies Brief and Ladies HiWaist Brief and Men’s Hipsters and Men’s Support Boxers. We also offer a range of Pyjamas and Jeans that contain a larger amount of carbon.

What does the future look like for the brand?

The Shreddies brand is growing year by year and we receive so much amazing press coverage by people really interested in our products. We are currently developing some more products which we can’t wait to reveal to people in the New Year.

Elaborate a little on the manufacturing process.

All our Shreddies garments are made at Cotes Mill in Leicestershire by our group of very talented production girls.

Does the products lose their anti flatulence capacity post a few washes and usage?

The products should last for 2-3 years if the wash care instructions are followed correctly although we have known customers to have them for longer than 7 years and still find them as effective.

Who are your competitors? What is your edge over them?

Shreddies are the only manufacture of flatulence filtering garments in the UK and the only manufacturer or flatulence filtering jeans and pyjamas in the world.


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