A bra for breast cancer survivors

December 20, 2018 written by
bra for breast cancer survivors

Style has no restrictions with this bra

While unfortunately, breast cancer may be on the rise, survivors of this silent disease are garnering quite a bit of attention from lingerie brands across the globe as well as India. Recently, the brand Sherry, launched a bra, which they’ve named Canpad,  for those who’ve undergone a mastectomy. It is a regular bra with features to not only suit breast cancer survivors but also make them feel stylish and trendy.

Says Mr Gautam Makhija, MD, Sherry Apparels Pvt. Ltd., sheds light on this new product and says, “This is a normal bra with an option of a pocket inside and we give a cup made out of micro-fibre (separate); it’s a tear-shaped cup, which can be inserted into the pocket and takes the form of the breast. The option is either left or right depending on which breast the mastectomy has been done. The option of the pocket is on both the cups.” Also, one can buy only the cup if the customer wishes to.

Explaining about the product, Mr Makhija states, “Generally, these kind of bras that available in the market come in the regular skin, white and black colours. However, we offer eight colours—pink, rose, wine, red, blue, besides the regular ones.”

Besides, the bra also has the option of transparent straps, (that are free with it), along with same coloured ones as the fabric. Hence, there is the option of detachable straps as well. “The idea is that life does not come to a halt just because one has breast cancer; so why should anyone restrict themselves,” feels Mr Makhija.

He goes on to add, “When we started, we received calls, from many women thanking us that it was so thoughtful that we had come up with so many colour options as maximum they were left with only one colour, i.e., white and at the most they would get a black. Also, the option of detachable straps is great as they can wear stylish dresses as well.”

Moreover, it’s a seamless bra, which means there’s no stitch in the cup and it gives a smooth look. It is crafted from PC, i.e., polyester cotton as cotton does not mould and tears off at a certain temperature. So, PC is used for the bra so as to hold and mould it. And, it can be hand-washed as well as machine-washed too.

Another positive is that the bra is always in ready stock. “Earlier, maybe 3-4 years ago, women had to place an order and would get the bra after a few days,” says Mr Makhija. So, the customer was always at the mercy of the store and would keep checking with the shopkeeper if the product had arrived. “However, all this has changed now and there is ready stock available; if any shopkeeper has such a customer, he calls us and within a couple of days it arrives at the shop (it only takes the courier time),” Mr Makhija explains.

Available in sizes 32B to 40B, it is slightly on the B+ side, which makes it flexible in size too. The cost of this unique product is INR 375. It is easily available at all the retailers who stock Sherry and Mr Makhija states that they are also making them aware of it. “Also, there are posters in the stores so even women can become aware of the product,” states Mr Makhija.

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