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Now Online -Innerzone - 5 endeavour to provide a one stop shop for inner-wear and comfort wear for men as well as women. Blending style with comfort in all your favourite colours, they remain committed to catering to all your inner wear needs. Fun or functional, naughty or elegant, sporty or trendy take your pick.

Website review Website design always plays a prominent role and has to be such that it makes the process seamless and even enjoyable for its users. Hence, ecommerce design not only restricts itself to just how the website looks, but also foucses on how it functions, the flow from one place to another, the story it tells, and the mood it sets. At the website design applies a mix of yellow, black and white to it template.


Yellow is a warm, primary, high energy colour that can make the website seem comfortable and inviting, which is an important aspect of web design. Good web designers choose colour carefully to serve a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is to be bold and to get people’s attention; and, yellow happens to be an excellent ‘attention grabbing’ colour. Black and white web designs are never dull and never outdated; less is more. It strikes with pure minimalism and a simple colour scheme.

Now Online -Innerzone - 5

User friendly

When it’s your own online store, the flow and navigation is quite and important and critical aspect of the development puzzle; and, at the shopping experience is seamless. ‘Puzzling’ is a word that will be absent from your mind during your shopping experience here as they provide you a step-by-step guidance.


The top left corner bar displays the About section, Contact Us, Offers and Track Orders. The right corner top bar of the page features Login, Register and Wishlist.


You can filter your options and choose to see a certain style based on your preferences by selecting the following tabs and  shop by category, colour, offer, price, bra style, packs, and size. provides you with various innerwear products for women, men and kids.

Now Online -Innerzone - 7

Women zone:

Bras – Convertible, detachable straps, full cover, full support, high coverage, high impact, non-padded, non-wired, padded, push-up, t-shirt, strapless, and sports bra.

Nightwear and Tops – Camisoles, maternity wear, nightwear wear, t-shirt, tanks, and tops.

Outer Bottoms – Boxers, lounge pants, shorts and track pants.

Panties – Bikinis, boy legs, hipsters, and long leg.

Men’s zone:

Inner Bottoms – Boxer briefs, boxer shorts, briefs, trunks

Inner tops – Inner t-shirt, sleeved vests, vests

Outer Bottoms – Lounge pants, shorts, track pants

Outer Tops – Gym vest, t-shirts, tank tops and jackets

Now Online -Innerzone - 8

Kids Zone: Boys and girls

Accessories – Socks, Shapewear

They have all the leading innerwear brands (around 20 in all) on their. And they are planning to add five more by next month. Major brands include – Jockey, Fruit of the Loom, Amante, United Colors of Benetton, Enamor, Crusoe, Van Heusen, V-Star, Triumph, Trylo, Angelform, Levi’s, ONN, Amul Macho, Redzone, Motherhood, Dermawear, Mydreams, Next2Skin, etc.


Women’s Zone – Price range is from INR 149 to INR 1349. Men’s Zone – Price range is from INR 144 to INR 2434. Kids Zone – Price range is, INR 119 to INR 342.

Now Online -Innerzone - 9 Now Online -Innerzone - 10

Compatibility with all devices and screen sizes

As we continue to see a rise in mobile-only shoppers, it’s important to be conscious of the many different devices and screen sizes used by customers.


Responsive design is a method of web design that automatically scales a site’s appearance up or down to match the screen size on which it is viewed. It’s quickly become a standard for websites in the last few years, thanks in part to Google considering a site’s mobile-friendliness being a ranking factor and recommending responsiveness as the best way to comply. So, now you can log into via your mobile device anywhere at any time and on the go.

In conversation with Wariz Abdul

How did you come up with the idea for selling innerwear online?

W.A: After graduating from IIT Madras I wanted to start my own business. My father, Mr Sadiqu B.V has been a leading innerwear distributer for almost a decade in North Kerala. And we have two retail innerwear stores in Calicut. So, I thought why can’t we sell online. And now we’re here.

Now Online -Innerzone - 3 Now Online -Innerzone - 2

How much did you invest in your online business when first starting out?

W.A: As a startup, we haven’t invested a lot at the start. The figure will be around five lakh.


How much time did it take to build the platform? And, what is the size of your team currently?

W.A: We took around three months for website development, one month for testing and our team size is ten.


What is the demography of your buyers? Do you track any of these details? How long did it take before your business gained traction online?

W.A: It took almost three months to come on track after the launch. We are currently focusing on South India. Around 65 per cent of our customers are ladies. We have integrated Google analytics, so we are able to track all the activities.


What is the size of the market that you are looking at capturing?

W.A: As this is the first year, our target is to get 300+ orders per day by the end of the year.

Now Online -Innerzone - 4Now Online -Innerzone - 11

How does the supply chain work?

W.A: We have a main office/warehouse, two retail stores and five distribution warehouses. Once we get an order, the product is transported to our main warehouse. Packing is done at the warehouse and transported to the courier partner, India post once in a day.


How does your typical buyer land up on the site?

W.A: Through Google, Facebook, Instagram; Google search results gives us most traffic.


How is mobile affecting ecommerce as an industry? Does have an app of its own? Do you plan on launching one?

W.A: About 90 per cent of our traffic is from mobile devices. We are currently developing our mobile application and scheduled to launch in three months.


How can ecommerce stores build a relationship with their customers and fans through the barrier of the digital screen?

W.A: With proper customer support, after sales customer relation, timeliness, accuracy.


Please tell us about your latest additions…

W.A: Fruit of the Loom, Angelform, Trylo, are our latest additions.


How has been the response been since the website’s inception? What challenges do you face marketing products online?

W.A: The response is as expected, Google ads boosted our sales by 300 per cent. Marketing is very costly and we have limited budget.


What inspiration was taken in designing the website? How do you infuse newness to your portal? How frequently do you do it?

W.A: We do it regularly; we make changes here and there every day. We took inspirations from lot of websites including Jockey, Shein, etc.”


How many orders do you ship in a day?

W.A: On an average it’s 25 to 30.


How do you address fit issues when it comes to online shopping?

W.A: We have given size charts for each and every product, so the customer can check and make sure they are ordering the correct size.

What are your future plans for Are there any future projects that you would like to share with our readers?

W.A: We are planning to launch our mobile app and are revamping the look and feel of our site. We are adding 10 more brands. And we are planning to give discounts (upto 50 per cent), which customers won’t get anywhere else.


Privacy policy

Discrete packaging: You can feel safe having a shipment sent to your home or work address. All orders are despatched in discrete and office-friendly packaging. They ship your orders in generic poly bags. The shipping label does not mention the product names. Your purchase is safely packed inside the poly bags with their innerzone brand packaging.


Returns policy

Innerzone has a very easy hassle-free return policy. Simply return unworn, unwashed merchandise with all tags attached in the original box packing within four days of delivery. Due to the intimate nature and hygienic standards of certain items, they regret that it is not possible for them to accept returns on every product.


Shipping and delivery policy

They are committed to delivering your order accurately and on time, They partner only with reputed national courier companies. The order is delivered in 4-5 working days in major cities and 5-7 working days for other locations. You can track your order online once it is despatched.

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