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Bonjour Group Associate Meet a Grand Success

India’s premium socks brand Bonjour Group (Zonac Knitting Machines Pvt. Ltd.) organised the Associate Meet on 18 March 2019 at Hotel Seven Seas in Rohini, New Delhi, where Bonjour not only conducted a lucky draw contest for its Delhi-NCR based retailers, but also officially announced a launch of Hush Puppies socks, which will be manufactured, distributed and marketed by Bonjour in India. Apart from that the group has also showcased its entire range of socks and leggings under the brand name Vami..

While addressing the gathering, Mr Raj Kumar Jain, MD, Bonjour Group said “In today’s world, the market is changing so rapidly and there is a direct impact reflecting in the buying behaviour of the customers. Earlier, people used to go for shopping to traditional shops, but now the trend of buying things online is also creating its own space in the country. But online and offline sales cannot be compared together, because each marketplace has a different type of product line and customers. In this changing scenario there is a huge potential in the traditional retail buying. In India, majority of the people still like to go out to buy products.”

After his inaugural speech, the team of Delhi-NCR sales department conducted a lucky draw contest. During the event, the staff invited various people on stage on a random basis to take out the slips from a lucky draw box. On the basis of the draw, names of the winners were announced. There were around 72 prizes distributed among the winners, in which Gold Coins, Honda Activas, Smart TVs, iPhones, Laptops, ACs, refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, and juicer mixers were given to the winners.

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In the last session of an event, Mr Jain announced that Bonjour (Zonac Knitting Machines Pvt Ltd) is adding to their kitty the smart and comfortable socks/stockings business of the renowned US brand, Hush Puppies, in India, covering its manufacturing, marketing and sales.

The event concluded with a live dance performance of the renowned dance group, Desi Swag.

Mr Tushar Vohra, Aryamann Marketing, (Channel Partner), said that “It was a well-thought of event with focus on the actual retailer sentiments with flash schemes, surprise prizes, coupons, etc. And also, that it was a token of gratitude for the retailer community for participating and doing business with the brand and pushing up the sales, the revenues and the targets. Because it is actually these people who make or break any brand, so technically it was a very well-timed event. Also, we are entering into the next season, which is summer and we also had to show the retailers that the winter season was a great success all thanks to them; so, it was a perfectly timed event. Also, for a brand of their level, which is no doubt number one in India, to spend so much on an event is quite something. There are other brands in the country whose MRP runs in thousands, but they don’t put in this much effort for the retailer community. This also proves the strength of the brand by the kind of attendance at the Meet—there was close to 600 attendees. So it speaks volumes of the fact that the company has made a mark in the market and even the channel partners are doing their best to maintain this, the brand value and image. So, overall it was an excellent experience, it was great, because these places are great to network, you meet many people from other territories you might be dealing with and they also get to know you face to face. We deal with around 150 retailers on an average and it’s not easy or possible for us to visit each and every retailer.  So, at events like these you meet everyone and also those from your territory and it’s a very strong networking opportunity for everyone who is involved. And apart from spending the right kind of money and pleasing the retailer community, this was also a great kick-off to the next season…a signal to the retailers that we are launching for our next season.”

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Mr KJS Lamba, Kanika Enterprises – It was a very good experience the programme was very nice and the company entertained each and every retailer, the way it welcomed each one was really good. The hospitality and the lucky draw was all quite nice as well as the location was perfect and there were no complaints at all.

Mr Rahul, Rahul Enterprises – The experience was really great and first of all, the location was good. The ambiance, the environment, the service also was good. The programmes and everything was well-organised and the lucky draw was also well-organised. So, overall, it was a great experience.

Mr Rakesh Sandhani, RBS Trading Co. – My experience was really great; everything was the best, from the venue to the location, everything was excellent. And of course, the brand is one of the leading ones in the country.

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