Menagerié is a Lingerie Brand That Exclusively Caters to Men

July 28, 2016 written by

Menagerié is breaking down gender stereotypes by designing lingerie that is exclusively meant for men. While there are plenty of brands making beautiful and delicate undergarments for women, there are no companies doing the same for male consumers. This brand is looking to challenge the status quo by designing stylish intimates and loungewear for men.

Menagerié was founded by a man named Roman Sipe. Menagerie introduces a new era of male intimate wear that combines masculine styling with fabrics traditionally reserved only for the most elegant ladies’ wear. Created to revolutionize how men feel about their intimate apparel needs, MENAGERIÉ intends to change the way men think about their underwear and how they look in them. Providing a unique collection of lingerie exclusively for men.

Menagerié intimates are meant to be shared and enjoyed, exquisite to touch, they coordinate well with high end men’s formal wear, allowing the opportunity to enjoy the wonderfully intimate feel of finest satin, silk and lace with your best formal attire.

Menagerié has succeeded in its efforts providing a collection that is beautiful, and utterly seductive without sacrificing masculinity!


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