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Leggings are a staple piece every girl should have in her wardrobe. It is a trend that has been booming world wide. If visiting a store is not your cup of tea. To save your time you’ll be happy to know that ever since ecommerce has simplified the shopping experience for both consumers and vendors. You can now purchase unlimited choice of leggings online too. Deepee online Store is an online portal by Deepeejay Textiles (P) Ltd. The project was headed by Tushar Agarwal, in order to make their brands – Deepee Twister and Pink ‘n’ Purple available online. The Chairman, Mr Naveen Agarwal has always been open to new ideas and supported the fact that they needed an online store. Deepeejay Textiles Private Limited was established in the year 1986 and was launched on 16th April 2016.

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Website Review

The interface has elements that are easy to access, understand, and use. Product description is given for the consumers to help then with their shopping decision and offering information about the product. Images are produced fast even in slow connection which makes it easy to use. The website is accessible via any mobile device.


The online shopping portal  provides 24×7 online chat service along with loyalty programmes. Since a good number people use facebook they have also integrated their messenger with the facebook page. Newsletters are sent regularly to inform the consumers about the product range and the promotions. They solve fit issues query over the messenger or over the phone.

Size charts will be introduced soon to enhance customer satisfaction.

To make sure you receive your order smoothly, you have to fill in your shipping address which can updated according to your conveniences. You can also take a look at their sales, new arrivals and company info. One can pay by cash on delivery, mobile wallet, Paytm,  debit card, credit card and  net banking. All transactions are secure and encrypted.

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The Products

The products do not break the bank. Once can shop for Deepee Twister-churridar, plazzo pants and camisoles. Pink ‘N’ Purple- leggings, ankle length, premium churidar, printed leggings, ankle zip, ankle Net – Multicolour, pocket ankle length, capri, capri plain, innerwear, kurti slips, camisoles, lounge wear, bermuda shorts, relaxed capri, lounge pants, and corduroy available in many vibrant and bold colors.


The product packaging plays an important role in the selling of a product and they do a great deed of researching for it. The tags, outer board and pouches are in sync in order to provide a consistency to the packaging. For the packaging of their core product legging and ankle length they made sure the colour is visible because there are more than 100 colours and visibility of colours is important. All the products are manufactured in India.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Estimated time of delivery is 7-10 days from date of order.

Shipping is FREE for all orders above Rs.699/-. For orders of value up to Rs.699/- a nominal shipping cost of Rs.40/- is applicable. Currently they deliver only in India.


Return & Exchange Policy

In the unlikely event that your merchandise arrives damaged, you should email them a photo of the damaged product. You must email them at about any damaged items in your shipment within 24 hours of receiving your order. If your claim is genuine, they will surely arrange for a refund / exchange once you send the product back to them.

In conversation with Tushar Agarwal, VP Marketing, Deepeeonlinestore

Why the name Deepeeonlinestore?

Tushar Agarwal: Deepee is the house to the brands – Deepee Twister and Pink ‘n’ Purple.  The store covers the entire collection of both the brands and gives us an opportunity to showcase it to our consumers under one roof.


Where do you get your ideas from and How many designs have the brand come up with since the launch?

T.A: We have been into the manufacturing of fabrics for the past 30 years. The garments is an addition to it. Given our forte of manufacturing fabrics, we are able to keep up with the trends and designs. We dedicate ample time towards our Research and Development.


Who or what inspires you?

T.A: Fabric seems like a normal commodity to people but for us its like a magical world where the tricks do not fail to mesmerise us and helps us keep exploring and creating.


How long after the launch of your company did you start pitching in social media?

T.A: We launched our social media campaigns with the launch of our online store itself. In the digital world it is important to integrate all the platforms to gain recognition.

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Do you advertise locally in newspapers and/or nationally in magazines? Are they effective?

T.A: In the traditional media, we use Pan India newspapers. Major Newspaper reading population in India is Hindi reading and so we target them to reach the masses.Traditional Media, when used properly can help reach masses and gain recognition.


Do you advertise online using Google, Facebook or on other company sites? Are they effective? Run any campaigns? How much do you depend on social media for marketing?

T.A: We are using all modes of Paid and Earned Media. Its been one year since we have launched our store, we are still setting up our team to dedicate efforts towards developing the online market. Advertising in the digital media is different, one can calculate nearly every penny spent on it. The ads are effective, but it takes time to make them work. We do not depend on social media much as of now but we are in what you can call ‘ Work-in-Progress’


What’s your opinion on the leggings design and market in India?

T.A: Over the years Leggings has become a necessity for a woman. The market is expanding and we think that until 2019 its market would expand.


How would you describe your brands aesthetic? Can you tell us a little bit about your brand?

T.A: Both our brands have a unique proposition but are based on the same line of premiumness. The brand persona of Deepee Twister revolves around the freedom the choice. Our tag line for Deepee Twister – Har Pal Rango Ki Azaadi is a classic example for it. The butterfly in the logo of Pink ‘n’ Purple signifies a metaphorical significance of a woman with a girl who is innocent and spreads her wing to fly. The color Pink and Purple emphasises on the closeness to a woman’s heart. The color enhances the brand essence.


Could you please throw light on the latest collections?

T.A: This year we have introduced a wide range –

1.Girls Leggings –size – 20 to 34

2.Inner Wear –Kurti Slips, Camisoles, Racerback and Spaghetti

3.Athleisure–Bermuda Shorts, Relaxed Capri and Lounge Pants

4.In bottom wear, we have extended the product line by adding straight pants to it.


In future, we are coming up with a wider range of products in both bottoms and tops.


What strategy do you follow for Customer Satisfaction & Expansion?

T.A: We have categorised customer satisfaction in two ways – Pre-Sales and Post Sales. For Pre-Sales we provide them with every information required and guide them with the products to choose as well. We are working on co-creation model to improve customer engagement.

In Post Sales, it is important the customer receives the product on time and the right product is being delivered. We strive to work on it regularly and since we have so many colours we have to ensure satisfaction. There are many occasions where a customer tell us the colour is not what I saw it is, we replace that and guide them too.

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How has been the response from Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets? What challenges do you face there?

T.A: When I talk about online consumption, the response from tier 1 cities has been great. The main challenge that I feel is the online presence and purchasing. In tier 2 and 3 cities the number of people present online are very less and if I deduce further the number and frequency of online shopping is significantly less compared to tier 1 cities.


What inspiration was taken in designing the website? How do you infuse newness to your portal?

T.A: The first thought was to create the store which would look like the home of both our brands. Then the motive was to create an experience which could be used by any person. User-friendly sites are the key to online shopping. So, every layout was made keeping both the motives in mind.

Every month our portal gets updated with the new collections or sales offered. Since majority of the products are basic we try to change banners with different marketing campaigns.


Is there any particular detail/fabric/element/… that you use repeatedly in your designs? If so, why?

T.A: Our majority products are basic but with premium quality. So we use it repeatedly. Whereas in the fancy range we change the designs as per the trends and festivities.


Could you describe a woman who would wear your designs?

T.A: It is for a woman who does not to settle for the regular product and wants to explore the comfort.


How has GST affected your brand? How GST will change the online shopping experience

T.A: In the online segment, GST has not impacted our sale. Infact, we are forecasting mutlifold growth on our online portal.There is no change in the online shopping experience. Consumption can never stop.


According to you, What do consumers expect from the online shopping?

T.A: In today’s world, consumers want basic things – ease to surf, sizing information, product quality, design and price. Catering to these can help improve the online shopping experience.


In which areas are Deepee Twister and Pink N Purple products being sold?(product reach) and how did customers show that success?

T.A: Our online sales has come mainly from tier 1 cities -Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru. We also found that the overall repeat sales came fr


How does a business owner determine if e-commerce is a smart solution?

T.A: It totally depends on the vision. When one has an offline business, e-commerce is totally a smart solution. When someone does not explore a venture how can they know its right for them or not. The uncultivated land can always be put to use. As I said, it depends on the vision.


What is the autumn/ winter 2017 collection about?

T.A: Ours is more of a basic product, we are trying to foray more into fashion. We have launched our Straight Pants for the semi-formal and formal wear. Whereas we have developed Lounge Pants for the Winter in 6 colours.


What are your future plans for  Deepeeonlinestore?Is there any future projects or designs are you working on that you would like to share with our readers?

T.A:  Currently, we are focusing on enhancing the website’s interface to make it easier for the customers to go through the products and shop. As mobile commerce is becoming more and more popular we would like to launch our app in the future.

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