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Bermudas - cool & casual wear

an insight into its popularity

They are comfortable, look smart, are stylish, and even work for parties and brunches these days. Bermudas, that age-old and much-loved lower had never got a place under sun perhaps, until now, when we see a growing demand for this cross between shorts and capris. Bermudas have suddenly become a style statement, especially for the youngsters who love to don them and flaunt their fashionable and cool persona. We trace how this humble piece of attire is catching up with its contemporaries.

They fall just an inch above the knees, have a cuffed or an un-cuffed hem and are known as dress or walk shorts. They come in various colours, and the fabric is usually cotton, and are a big hit with the youngsters today who love to wear it at casual dos and even parties. Along with the comfortability, Bermuda’s also look trendy upping the fashion quotient of the wearer. Besides, one can choose from plain or printed Bermuda’s as well.

So what is popular and why do people turn to this lower over others these days? One reason is that they are comfortable and also stylish, while also being easy to move around in. Besides, the youth today is trying to adapt to the new culture and hence Bermuda’s as category is gaining popularity.

As per sources, Bermuda’s are normally longer in length than shorts and the fabric for these also should generally cotton generally. An industry insider explains that there are two types of bermudas, i.e., one with cargo pockets and one without. While the one with pockets are ideal for holidays, the one without pockets is usually worn at casual dos and also parties.

Preference’s differ

When it comes to choices, naturally, they vary…says Mr Lalit Khurana, Proprietor, Khurana Agencies, who is the distributor of Sweet Dreams for men’s Bermuda’s and Floret for women’s. “In men’s Bermuda’s, checks and printed are popular, as well as all solid colours and the price range is INR 399 onwards to INR 799 for non-branded. Whereas, women prefer cotton and floral prints and pastel colours and the price range is INR is 299 to 399 for unbranded.” However, he adds that both men and women prefer elastic waist over the buttoned Bermuda’s.

Mr Lalit Khurana, Proprietor, Khurana Agencies,“In men’s bermudas, checks and printed are popular, as well as all solid colours and the price range is INR 399 onwards to INR 799 for non-branded. Whereas, women prefer cotton and floral prints and pastel colours and the price range is INR is 299 to 399 for unbranded.”

Mr Nitin Jain of brand Sweet Touch also concurs and says that men prefer solid colours such as blue, denim blue, black, steel blue, etc and the plain ones move faster. The fabric used for the men’s segment is jacquard. He adds that women prefer all over prints such as florals, checks, and even brand logos. The colours that are preferred are pink, peach, light olive, fawn, and all pastels in sinker fabric.

The price range for women’s Bermuda’s starts from INR 299 for plain and INR 349 onwards for printed and the sizes range from S to 4XL. While the price for men’s segment starts from MRP 324 onwards.

Mr Uzair Salim Memon, Proprietor, Royal Traders, who deal only in men’s bermudas says that they deal only in brands such as Van Heusen and US Polo and earlier also dealt with Jockey, but not anymore. “Cotton and even hosiery is preferred by men; in cotton, almost all colours such as white, black, navy blue, khaki, etc., move faster. While in hosiery, black, grey, navy blue, charcoal, graphite, blue melange, etc., are in demand. Also, some bermudas come with designs such as a side pining, company logo as well, in hosiery,” he states.

While for Van Heusen, the price starts INR 729 (approximately) onwards. The plain ones of US Polo are priced at approximately INR 600 onwards and printed ones come at INR 650 and above. Also, the prints such as brand logos are preferred. According to him, women usually prefer printed Bermuda’s.

One source tells us that there are fix waists where there is no elastic but buttons. And sizes start from 30” onwards. Another type is with elastic and sizes are S to XXL though the running sizes are M to XXL. Men usually prefer Bermuda’s without elastic, while women prefer with elastic.

Also, prints and colours such as khaki, navy, black, olive green, brown, all basic colours are preferred by men prefer, while women usually like pink and light colours in hosiery and single jersey fabric. Men do go for prints, such as all over motifs, i.e. anchor or leaves, or brand logos. Women prefer prints such as animals, flowers, etc., as all over prints.

Market growth is slow

So, Bermuda’s are getting popular, mainly amongst the youngsters, but Mr Memon feel that though has been a growth in the segment, because of the price range it is slow. “The price range, seems to be costly for Indians so the ratio does not pick. If they are priced at around INR 500, then people would buy. Every segment in the country does not wish to shell out the cost of a Bermuda as it is worn only periodically and not as daily wear.”

Mr Uzair Salim Memon, Proprietor, Royal Traders, – “The price range, seems to be costly for Indians so the ratio does not pick. If they are priced at around INR 500, then people would buy. Every segment in the country does not wish to shell out the cost of a Bermuda as it is worn only periodically and not as daily wear.”

However, he states that the market for this category is better than before but the growth in ratio is not what it can be. People go for unbranded due to the price and the quality in unbranded is also the same as branded so growth is slow. “Also, it is worn as a leisure wear, so people don’t want to spend as much,” he states.


Mr Memon also feels that the women’s Bermuda market has also seen growth since a few years ago as there is a requirement of the product as well.

Mr Khurana, on the other hand feels that the market has grown quite a bit in the country for this category as there is a craze for Bermuda’s and it only going up. “This is so because we follow western fashion and foreigners are seen in such attire generally. Moreover, Bermuda’s are also comfortable and easy to wear, so there is a rising demand for them,” he mentions.

Moreover, according to an industry insider, the market for the category in both men and women has seen a growth of approximately 20-30 per cent every year. ie.. years ago there was not much awareness and the sale of Bermuda’s was not that high. Earlier only men opted for this, but now even women are wearing Bermuda’s as sleepwear.

Mr Memon says that the market share of Bermuda’s in the hosiery line, when it comes to brands would be 20-25 per cent for men. While according to Mr Khurana, the market share of Bermuda’s would consist of 10-15 per cent of the entire casual wear and totally, it is increasing by 5 per cent every year.


Thus, to conclude, we can state that Bermuda’s is largely looked upon as casual wear to be worn during holidays and even as nightwear. It is more popular with men than women, though it is catching up even with the fairer sex. Our source agrees to this statement and adds that that women prefer the capris length as they generally they do not like to wear something above the knees. Besides, they like something that is skinny and not baggy. Also, the market is surely growing, but slowly because of the pricing, which Indians find a little on the higher side as they do not wish to pay about 700 rupees for casual wear that is be worn only sometimes. But yes, Bermuda’s are certainly in demand, more so with the youth as they are fashionable, comfortable and always in in trend.

Chromozome’s 100 per cent premium cotton bermudas are available in a range of colours such as Black, Grey and St. Navy. It has two stripe print with C logo as well. There is also the premium looking striper shorts, another product with smart contrast cut n sew panel with the company’s logo, and another one with with an attractive running print. All products are made of 100 per cent cotton, have two pockets and one zipper. Most are available in sizes M to XXL.

Jack & Jones offers a comfortable product made out of 100 per cent cotton and one that comes in a regular fit…the Black Side Tape and Racer Stripe Print Drawstring Shorts. It comes in sizes S to XL and is priced at INR 1,999. Another offering by the brand is the Grey Drawstring Shorts made out of 80 per cent cotton and 20 per cent polyester. It has the brand’s logo in pink on the lower corner of the left thigh and comes in L size and is priced at INR 899.

Dixcy Scott has an attractive offering for men called the Wakar Bermuda Shorts that come in several colours such as black, charcoal, grey, brown, etc., prints with soft ring spun yarn that keeps them super soft. The 4X dry technology and dray fabric to wick moisture keeps you coool all the time. Crafted out of 100 per cent cotton, it come sin sizes S to 2XL.

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Bumchums has a wide range of bermudas to choose from. So, you can pick from regualr plain ones to even stylish printed designer ones. Most are crafted out from 100 per cent mercerised cotton fabric and you can choose from one with side pockets and some even with a back pocket, with drawstrings, or a ripped waist grip, dual contrast double piping at the sides, a modern fit and an assortment of colours. The sizes mostly range from S to XXL and the price range is INR 390 to INR 565.

Sporto offers and assortment of options that offer comfort and come in solid colours as well as prints such as checks. Mostly made out of 65 per cent cotton and 35 per cent polyester, they are available in sizes S to XXL and are priced at INR 399 to INR 475.


Force Go Wear by Dollar has a range of absolutely comfortable bermudas in regualr fir to lounge in made out of lightweight cotton fabric. Available in a variety of solid colours they come with drawstrings and also with only with elastic as wellas side pockets. They are priced at INR 649 onwards and come in sizes S to XXL.

Crusoe Bermudas come with back and side seams and a strong front and is crafted out of comfortable and stretchable fabric. It is available in colours such as black, charcoal melange, grey melange, navy, denim melange and sizes S to XXL and is priced at INR 525. Besides there’s also

MTV Roadies by Crusoe made ourt of 100 per cent cotton and is fun and colourful. These bermudas have and elasticised waistband and also a concealed button at the front. It has pockets at both the sides and a patch pocket that has a button closure as well. There a snazzy printed detail on the front side of the left thigh. This regular fit item comes comes in S to L sizes and is priced at INR 630 onwards They come in colours such as red, yellow, black, etc.

Jockey’s knit sport shorts come in Charcoal Melange and Shanghai Red and is made out of 80 per cent cotton and 20 per cent polyester. With a modern fit, it has contrast front panels, a durable broad waistband with flat inner drawstring and also dual side pockets. Priced at INR 599 it is available in S to XXL sizes. Jockey’s other offering in Bermudas comes in 84 per cent polyester, 16 per cent Spandex, has an elasticised waist band with inside flat draw cord and front pockets. It also has contrast piping along the seams and continues up to the front hem along with front slit pockets as well. Available in black, grey and blue colours, it is priced at INR 1299 and comes in S to XL sizes.

Playboy has a range of bermudas in solid regular colours that spell comfort all the way. Made out of 100 per cent cotton, the mid-rise bermudas come with two or three pockets and a drawstring closure. It also has detailing at the side seams and the brand logo on the lower sides of the left thigh. Available in sizes S to L, the price range is INR 529 to INR 679.

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