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When Kalyani take distributors on a ride to Malaysia

Making the value chain stronger and effectively reaching out to the customer is something that Kalyani has mastered over the years with flying colours. And the brand never falls short of surprising their customers and distributors alike year on year.  As the Malaysia returns reminisce the moments from the vacation, we will wait to see what the brand brings forth the next year.

Distributors of a brand and the brand essence completely go hand in hand with each other and it is always more like a symbiotic relationship which makes the existence of both quite comfortable and meaningful. Proving this theory right Kalyani Group every year awards their distributors with an International trip, that happens once the distributors fulfil their round the year targets.

This year, Malaysia was on the cards and just before the team set out to enjoy, they got around for a party. Kalyani always  maintains a healthy bond with their distributors and believes in understanding the brand better through their valuable feedback. The most important aspect of the party and incidentally the one comment on everybody’s mind was that selling Kalyani’s products are no hard maths, the entire range by the company has its own niche and have over the years created so much demand and good will that even if the target set by the company was a monthly one, they would have succeeded in winning the grand bounty.

“Not only has Kalyani survived years of being in the business but the brand has built itself on the pillar of trust and quality. We have other brands too with us, but it is the constant demand and timely supply of Kalyani, that sets us right on track to meet the target always on time. I have been to several such trips with the brand and expect to travel more in future too,” commented Pramod Kumar, owner of Yamuna Nagar based Kirti Traders.


While Santosh Agarwal of Jharkhand has been a part of the Kalyani family since the last 10 years, Nangal Ray of Punjab has just been inducted as a Kalyani distributor just a year back. Yet both of them have benefited from their association with the brand.

Ramesh Chandra, owner of Gupta Hosiery House has been in this trade for the last 35 years and mentioned that he has sealed the bond with Kalyani since the inception of the brand. “The customers demand for Kalyani because of the quality it offers in such an affordable price. Since the last three years I have been travelling with the brand internationally. But apart from that also I have never had any complaints from the brand,” further added Mr. Chandra.


Setting out on his third trip, Viswa Arora, a distributor from Amritsar, Punjab mentioned that this year he has achieved a sale of over 1 crore 41 lakhs and his journey with Kalyani, which is almost 20 years old is only filled with happiness and fulfilment. Speaking almost on similar lines, Gaurav Bindal from Haryana mentioned his target amount to be of 60 lakhs. He also has been a part of the Klayani family since the last 15 years and have twice before that taken a trip with the brand and he was quite affirmative about having a distributor meet every year, which he believes can add value to the brand-distributor chemistry even further.


Elaborating on the quality and fit of the Kalyani products, West Bengal based distributor Sanjay Agarwal mentioned that they have been in a relation with the brand since the last 5 years. ” Cotton and hosiery items see maximum demand in our part of the country and people look for a decently comfortable range to choose from which is between Rs.100-200. The most prominent products that sells more in West Bengal are : Chaya, Damini and Dikshya,” elaborated Mr. Agarwal.

While setting out on the tour for the third time, Delhi based Harish Kumar expressed, how Mr. Rajan Gulati, MD, Kalyani understand and allows the distributors a space to put forward their opinion. He also mentioned that in the previous two tours the company took them to Bangkok. Talking about the brand as a whole and mentioning its success formula, Mr. Kumar told that Kalyani is that ideal example of getting the right fit and quality comfort in an affordable price. He also remarked how he has progressed with the brand and mentioned that while he had a decent start of 2 lakhs per years, today he easily reaches the target of 65 lakhs a year with Kalyani.

Aman Verma, owner of Jhansi based Aman Agencies, Sanjay Gupta from Firozpur in Punjab, Ashu Rastogi of Bareilly were also some of the prominent distributors present at the do.

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