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A lingerie brand that is committed to manufacturing and delivering quality products at reasonable prices, Saanvi Industries caters to every woman of every age and size, who loves to don stylish innerwear. The company’s brand Envie, boasts of a range that characterises not only comfort but also quality. Ms Jinal Rathore, Proprietor, Saanvi Industries, give precious insights about brand Envie and their future plans.

Envie’s fit is perfected to help women with natural curves look their absolute best at all times. The brand’s products provide comfort and convenience while emphasising feminity and glamour.

“The Journey began in December 2010 when we decided to foray into women’s innerwear,” begins Ms Rathore. “Being from Mumbai and having no knowledge whatsoever we started searching for a place in Gujarat (for locational advantage). It so happened that the person deputed for searching for the property couldn’t zero in on any. We went online only to know that the hub for manufacturing women’s innerwear was South India, viz Bangalore or Chennai. We went to both the places and decided to go ahead with Bangalore (as better off in language support),” she narrates while telling us about the start of the venture.

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In fact, they were clueless about the property buying rules and regulations in other regions. “We didn’t know buying a property is a task in other places unlike Mumbai, where we normally don’t check papers before buying a property,” says Ms Rathore. “Finally we got a Vaastu approved piece of land in the garment hub of Bangalore— Doddaballapur. It was June 2012 then. Finally we began construction of our site in late 2013, which got completed in July 2015 (after procedural delays). In the mean time, we squared in on a few brand names and got all of them registered. Finally, we decided to go ahead with ‘ENVIE’ and formally launched it in July 2016 and commercially launched it in October 2016,” explains Ms Rathore.

Then, in April 2018, the company launched another brand ‘Misterio’ for a selected set of customers and plan to launch ‘Envie Premium’ this Diwali for the Modern Retail. And the reason for them to make a foray into the intimates segment is “purely instinct,” according to Ms Rathore.

And thus started the illustrious journey of brand Envie that has carved a niche for itself in intimate wear with its colourful and stylish products. “We have a range of more then 120 products, broadly categorised under Brassieres, Panties, Shorts, Camisoles, Capri’s, Track-pants, Leggings, Nightwear and Thermal Wear,” says Ms Rathore while filling us in on Envie’s wide range. “Individually, we cover virtually all types of products in these respective categories, emphasis being low on Nightwear and Thermal Wear. Considering the sizes and colour variants we have more then 3000 SKUs as on date,” she continues.

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No doubt the wide collection is quite captivating; however, every brand has their top selling products and Envie too has their five top selling bras and panties. Ms Rathore lists them for us…

Bras – Style No 1001 – Basic Cut Seam, 1007 – Padded Bra, 1008 –  Teenager Bra, 1016, Sports Bra with a racer back, 1022 –   Sleeping Bra

Panties – Style No 2028 and 2029 – Three Piece Panty Set.

Camisole – Style 3001 and 3010 – Basic Cami’s with detachable straps

Capris – Basic ones and the crisscross ones (6001, 6002, 6005)

Shorts – 5001, 5002, 5005 – various styles

Envie may be only a couple of years old but it has taken its competition quite seriously. “We are very bullish on the Indian markets and the growth of the lingerie segment per se,” Ms Rathore tells us. She believes that Indian home grown brands are equally competent as international ones and have a level playing field in this industry. “We don’t see any threat from any international brand as such, as their price points are different. And where they compete on prices, they can’t compete on consistent quality,” she states.

Envie - Brand Story - Ms Jinal Rathore

Speaking about the future plans for Envie Ms Rathore says that they will grow at-least 2.5/3 times in the next five years.”We plan to have a Indian global lingerie brand,” she smiles.

The company also has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. They have integrated cut-to-sew-to-pack line-up at their maiden unit. They have a 15,000 sq ft of build-up area which will be spreading to 30,000 sq ft by this Diwali, thereby reducing the lead time for dispatch from 10 days presently to three days.

And undoubtedly, Envie will grow greatly in the coming years with their USP…Premium quality product at economic prices. The brand’s tagline, ‘You don’t have to be naked to be sexy’, says it all.

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