Towelkini, a blend of a beach towel and bikini

June 6, 2019 written by
Towelkini beach accesory art piece

Credit: Ariel McManus/Special Special

Now there’s no need to carry a towel to the beach when you visit one, for here’s the T that makes it easy for you to relax on the sand.

Created by New York-based conceptual designer Aria McManus, the towelkini is crafted out of terrycloth and has openings for your head and legs. You can even lay it out and use it like a regular towel. Sold at Special Special, this unique product comes in gold, lime green and hot pink colours.

So now, there’s no need to take a towel along with you whenever you feel like soaking in the sun at the beach. The towelkini is comes to your rescue.

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