Hardik Pandya, infusing charm and dynamism in Bodycare Creations

April 20, 2019 written by

From domestic to the international cricket, his meteoric rise has been nothing short of what dreams are made of for any sportsperson. Add to that his peroxide-coloured hair and easygoing demeanour and compelling persona, only amps up his style. And it is this quality, along with his winning spirit that made Bodywear Creations Ltd., take on Hardik Pandya as their brand ambassador. Here’s more on this association…

Mr Sanjay Dawar, MD, Bodycare Creations Ltd., tells us that they were looking for a brand ambassador for their men’s range, BODY-X. “We were looking for someone dynamic, stylish and with an X-factor who could attract youngsters as our products are very stylish and appealing,” he tells us.

They chose Mr Pandya as the company believes that he is a very stylish cricketer and attracts most youngsters and they were looking for someone who could gel well with their tag line ‘Seriously X rated’. Yet, many brands today were choosing movie stars over other personalities to endorse their label. So, why did Bodycare choose a sports personality over a film one, we quizz Mr Dawar. “Yes, nowadays many Bollywood stars are endorsing various inner wear brands but we wanted someone who can stand out differently from the existing clutter, so we opted for a sports personality,” he explained.

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Besides, Mr Dawar strongly believes that Mr Pandya’s star star power as an ace cricketer is in line with the ethos of the brand . “Of course it is in line with our ethos,” he says. “Hardik has a very strong fan following and we as a brand will be able to attract the same crowd through our products as they are also very stylish and appealing,” he adds.

Brands are also of the opinion that famous sports personalities help enhance the brand value and market share as well. And, Mr Dawar also affirms this by saying, “They do and because of that only, the company hires the brand ambassador for their products. As they are a known face and every one looks upon them as their hero and for cricketers in India they have a very strong presence in people’s minds and everybody looks up to them. So, once they are associated with a brand its value as well as market share increases.

However, we thought there would be some challenges in getting the famous cricketer on-board as the brand ambassador, but Mr Dawar said that it was not challenging at all while getting Mr Pandya to endorse the Bodycare range.

And to conclude, Mr Dawar states, “It is a great association and we look forward that this association yields fruitful returns for us as a brand.”

So, with an ace and charismatic personality endorsing its range, we sure are looking forward to this amazing association take off and reach great heights of growth and success and in every way..

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