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Male Modal wearing Joggers With Blazer

Intro- Jogger Pants Are Taking Over Menswear . The sweatpants trend is currently at an all-time high, seen on everyone from college kids, fashion bloggers to celebrities, musicians and sports personalities. Jogger pants are basically tapered sweatpants. The legs of the sweatpants, which feature elastic at the feet, are designed to fall just above the ankle.

Regardless of whether you go to the gym or not, everyone is jumping on board with the jogger pants trend. Made from a variety of fabrics such as cotton, linen, chino and denim with fits that go well with both casual and formal looks the Jogger is a classy activewear that boasts of an understated luxury that cuts across multiple genre.

So many different know every retailer worldwide is pushing this movement creating a name for itself as a casual and contemporary must-have for any modern man’s wardrobe.  Its also an expensive comfortable trend. Joggers are perfect when you’re trying to show off some new kicks or boots.

How to style Joggers?

Tailored joggers, or sweatpants, are a good choice if you’re going for a more formal look, but you have to make sure that you get the right one for you. Don’t go too tight, or you’ll end up looking like you’re wearing leggings, and there should be a drop in the crotch so that things are too binding.

If you want a clean cut sharp look wear a button- up shirt with joggers. You can opt for  casual plaid, oxford, or denim version, not your work-week spread-collar. If you’re wearing joggers you should pair them up with lace-up shoes or loafers.

A shirt has its advantages in both summer and winter due to its versatility and the number of ways it can be worn. Open, buttoned up, half buttoned, with the sleeves down, with the sleeves rolled up – there’s options for everyone. For a casual look you can easily sport a short sleeved shirt with a pair of plain joggers, finished off with some neutral plimsolls or boat shoes. Adding accessories like a matching cap can help bring the look together, and the colour scheme can easily be changed around to suit you.

Jogger Pants with Polo Shirt – As long as you wear a polo shirt that fits you well, you can easily pull this one off. Matching one with a pair of joggers in a lighter colour will give the overall look a less intense, and more relaxed, vibe. Then just finish off the look with a pair of trainers or plimsolls and add a few accessories like a cap to keep things looking laid back.


Grabbing yourself a slim fit, crew cut T-shirt and throwing it on with a pair of plain joggers is an effortless and stylish look that you can mix up at will. For a more vibrant look you can experiment with colours and patterns, creating a more eye-catching look. If you’re going for a bright top, try keeping the rest of your outfit neutral to keep your look grounded. Too many colours together will just look over the top and messy, and detract from the stylised vibe you’re going for.


Jogger Pants with long sleeve jackets or denim shirts should be paired with khakis which are always a perfect match. Choose long sleeves with material as follows (denim, flannel, cotton etc).

Denim Jacket with joggers- Denim jackets are a versatile piece that goes with any ensemble. If you are leaning more towards the casual side then wear a faded denim jacket that reaches to your hip, this will compliment the entire look. If the whole outfit seems a little too put together try distressing your jacket to create a grungier vibe.

Bomber Jackets- The bomber jacket is one of those designs that comes and goes in popularity, and right now it’s taken over the fashion sphere. Everyone and their grandmothers have at least one, and they’re the perfect jacket to match with joggers as they’re cropped, which helps show off your leg wear, and they’re a relaxed design which compliments the look of the joggers.

Jogger Pants with Pullover – Keep it smart with  white long sleeves or polo under a pullover creating a preppy look.

Blazers – The blazer is a staple that’s been around for generations, and the reason its stood the test of time is it surprising versatility. It completes a classic shirt and tie look for all your formal needs, but it can also match well with more casual looks, including your trusty joggers. You want to mix and match the formal and casual look, but in an amalgamated way that doesn’t looking too striking.



Joggers can be worn in different ways and not just to the gym or when you’re lounging at home. Joggers might be for you or not, But who cares, if you think you are vouge enough, you can try it out also it will keep you super comfortable all day long.

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