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My Inner World is a chain of exclusive boutique for ladies who specialise in inner wear, maternity wear and night wear. They are the first retail outlet in Kerala that offer exclusivity in ladies inner wear, maternity dresses and night dresses.

“Traditional textile/garment shops never had a focus on the lingerie market as the margin they made was miniscule when compared to sarees/unstitched materials. Around 99 per cent of the ladies were not satisfied with the product choices available in traditional garment shops. But they had no choice…they had to choose from whatever limited options these shops were offering. Also, shop design is extremely important in increasing sales,” says Anith MS, owner, My Inner World. Their endeavour is to provide the best of choices available for ‘her’ and ‘she’ doesn’t have to compromise on style or comfort. At ‘My Inner World’ they offer a perfect blend of choices among lingerie, maternity clothing, night wear and shape wear. They offer the brands and designs that you are actually looking for. Since My Inner World is exclusively for women, they have an all-women staff who are well experienced in the industry.

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The first My Inner World store opened in June 2014 in Thiruvalla, a blooming town in Central Kerala. Now they have launched three stores in Central Kerala—Thiruvalla, Changanacherry and Kottayam.

Reviewing the store

The storefront glass enclosures enhance the front of the store. A great way to attract customers who walk by the retail outlet is to display products in your glass windows. The retail store has a sleek white wash design, which is modern and kept basic, leaving clean interiors. A banner is draped outside the store letting customers know what brands are available. White ceramic tiles cover the store flooring  and white cabinets hang from the walls across the store’s space. Three mannequins are on display placed at the window showcasing a few lingerie items.

One trial room is there for customers’ changing needs. While there are three lady staff members present in each store. The staff members dressed in uniforms, are friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.


Nightwear is seen hung on hangers and rotating garment display rack garment rails according to size and patterns. Lingerie is packed in boxes and neatly tucked into shelves.


Inside the store you have a wallpaper listing all the other products and accessories available in the store such as shapewear, pregnancy kurtas/ kameez, feeding kurtas/kameez, breast feeding shawls, pregnancy leggings, bra wash bags, ladies driving gloves, stockings, silicone breast pads, and more. The store has one cash counter, which accepts cash and all cards. Items purchased are not returnable due to hygiene issues.

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In conversation with Anith Ms Owner of My Inner World where we explore more about the brand and the store… 


Why did you name your store My Inner World?

A.M: What a woman wears underneath expresses her beauty, boldness and versatility. Our endeavour is to provide the best of choices available for her and she doesn’t have to compromise on style or comfort. We give her the right product and she feels confident about her inner secrets. In other words, our customer discovers the beauty of her inner world at

‘My Inner World’.


Could you please mention the address of the largest store? What is the total area of the store?

A.M: Our largest store is at Kottayam, where the area is 750 sq ft and a single floor.


How would you describe the in-store design? Why is design of such fundamental importance to you as a brand?

A.M: We have planned our store layout with the priority laid on customer convenience.

What is your retail strategy? How did your customers react to the stores inception?

A.M: Our endeavour is to provide the best of choices available for her and she doesn’t have to compromise on style or comfort.


What aspects of retail design are the hardest to get right?

A.M: Everything is hard to get right; it comes through experience.


Any plans for expansion?

A.M: Yes, the next store is in the pipeline.


Could you tell us what brands you keep in- store for customers to purchase?

A.M: We offer every design women look for such as Enamor, Amante,  Zivame, Lovable, Jockey, Juliet, Trylo, V-Star, Blossom, Daisy Dee, Sherry, Sonari, Bodycare, Dermaware.


Wrapping up, is there anything further that you wish to say?

A.M: We focus on customer satisfaction and professional management. We promise brands and choices that are relevant for the customers and we ensure a satisfying shopping experience.

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